Booksandbeats.com is that cool, exclusive interactive site that features bold, engaging urban flavor by promoting books and music that’s impacts our culture! We will chronicle celebrities (and blogs), lifestyle content, entertainment news, fashion, music, and politics. We are the words and rhythm of the streets.

To Malik Muhammad

Rahman Muhammad- AKA The God MC

I came up with the idea of Books&Beats after thinking about combining elements of Music, Artist, Authors, Urban Culture and Social Media while listening to my stomach rumble from hunger. That rumbling sound reminded me of the beat of Trinidad James latest single “All Gold Everything!” Then I saw the video and fell in love with the hook “don’t believe me just watch.” That video made me fall in love with urban culture again. Our culture extends to our walk, our dress, and especially our confidence. So I pushed repeat and watched the video for another few hours and viola, Books&Beats was born.

Lakebra Spencer-aka Kareem Biggs
Honestly most of the time I’m just minding my own business and trying not to let too many things worry my nerves. So as I was drinking a glass of white wine that I desperately needed at the time, Rahman starting telling me about his ideas for this website. Knowing he’s from New Orleans I’m like “Yes Indeed, and Baybee that sounds hot ya heard me.” Lol.

Tara Powell – aka MissPTV aka Hype man

Because Rahman hits me up with so many ideas, most times I’m like blah blah blah you go boy J . But when he told how he got the idea by watching a Trinidad James video I was a little concerned about his mental health, if ya know what I mean. I‘m like, “so you want to create a site, where I could find a hodgepodge of all black everything meets Pop culture, Well I guess, I’m all in!

Joy Deja King- aka She Boss

Honestly I have so much going on. When Rahman told me what he was developing

I’m like ok!

This site is for who? Ok!

It’s going to do what? Ok!

Who will the site attract? Ok!

Do you think people will sign up? Ok!

How much is this going to cost ? What!!!


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